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Fall Leaf Drive

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Finding My Halloween Spirit

Every once in a while, I find myself wishing we had done more and then I kick myself, and we go out and do exactly that. We will only get this age, this moment in time, once and I would rather remember a bunch of fun memories than remember a bunch of could've-would'ves.

My first Halloween spirit attempt was stopping at the mini pumpkins in Wal-mart. We picked up a couple and I later realized they were pie pumpkins. I decided to try baking them as listed on the tag. We needed new carving pumpkins.

All summer, every summer we've been here, there are signs posted for Velvet Acres, a local produce farm. Every October, additional signs are posted for their pumpkin patch, and every October, I forgo the adventure. This year I changed my mind. In true Charlie Brown Pumpkin Patch spirit, we headed to the farm. The farm was one giant muddy puddle and stunk to high heavens of dairy cows. The twins were so excited to be on this new adventure. They pointed out the cows and absolutely loved getting to tug the wagon all over, especially through the squishy, thick mud. The twins yelled out 'Peppa Pig!" several times...I was so grateful no one attempted a muddy puddle jumping excursion. We wandered through the maze of pumpkins to the far west corner and finally found a couple that had our stamp of approval.

The original plan was to carve those pumpkins that afternoon, but unfortunately, I got to feeling quite icky and so we spent the afternoon relaxing instead. The next couple days flew by and I find myself with uncarved pumpkins on Halloween. I just finished hollowing out our two giant pumpkins, as well as the mini pie pumpkins.  Those pie pumpkins are roasting away in the oven, filling our house with the scents of autumn. We'll get busy to carving when Daddy comes home from work. Until then, perhaps I'll pop in a few Halloween cartoons, start construction on my autumn plus quilt, munch on the candy reserved for tonight and maybe, just maybe, start feeling the Halloween spirit.

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